Getting here​

By Air: 

A breathtaking 45 min flight by float- or ski-plane will take you across the Teslin River into the Big Salmon Range to your destination at Otter Island.

We can book your flight for you or as an alternative you can make arrangements directly with Alpine Aviation in Whitehorse.

Prices are subject to change and available through:


By Road (in summer only):

We drive you 130 km along the Alaska Hwy to Johnson's Crossing and an additional

100 km on the historic South Canol gravel road to the drop- off point at Quiet Lake.

From here it is a 5 hour canoe trip by rental canoe to the island 

As alternative we can drive you 4 km past Quiet Lake and you will reach the island 

after a 15 km hike on an old trapline trail. The rest of your gear will be transported 

by ATV.

Shuttle service to Quiet Lake (1 to 4 persons): $ 500.-, canoe prices on request

Shuttle prices to the trailhead (1 to 4 persons): $ 650.- 



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